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DateMe -- NEED ENTRIES!! - Palest Black || Uchiuuga
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Subject:DateMe -- NEED ENTRIES!!
Time:12:24 pm
Hey Guys ^^

Just a quick, shameless plug...

DateMe is a Hinata!Pairing-centered group on DeviantArt with the ultimate goal of creating a 2009 calendar out of the artwork from Hinata-fans from all across the fandom. To do this, we'll be hosting one contest per month featuring a different pairing. Since we understand that not everyone is artistically inclined (such as myself), we also have a fanfiction section to our contest(s) with the same theme(s) so that everyone has the chance to participate.

Since the first contest just so happens to be NejiHina-centric, I thought someone here might be interested ^^. It ends on Jan 31st and we STILL need a lot of entries! As of right now (about 12:19PM, EST, on January 19th) we have NO submissions. Not a SINGLE ONE.

HOWEVER, there's still PLENTY OF TIME to take part in the contest ^^ It's only mid-month, meaning that there are still TWELVE DAYS in which you can submit your entries to the group. All the rules and directions about posting are on the group described in the General Guidelines section.

Here are the specifics about this month's contest:

Challenge: A New Beginning
Pairing: NejiHina

For this theme, please be sure to:

1 ) Include the pairing NejiHina (whether romantic or not).

2 ) Place them in a winter setting. (Ex: snow, ice, sitting by a warm fire, etc.)

3 ) Try to somehow include the theme of “beginning,” even if it’s subtle. (Ex: Enjoying the fresh snow, freeing a pair of birds together, first kiss, etc.)

4 ) Be creative! With such a vague theme, you can do just about anything to satisfy the requirements. (We draw the line at NejHina basking on a beach in skimpy swim wear, though.)

Please, please, PLEASE submit fanart to our contest! If we want to have an image for the month of January in our calendar, we NEED that NejiHina artwork! Don't forget that there's also a fanfiction section for those of you who don't happen to be artistically inclined (like myself).

We've got fabulous prizes for the winners, too (No, really, we do) ^^ Buttons created by ~luckyiota; here's an example: http://dateme.deviantart.com/art/Prize-Pin-Example-73451528

We really, REALLY hope to see some postings soon!

Begging here,

Megami <3

PS: Follow the given link to the group to learn more about our mission, the group/contest rules, etc.
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DateMe -- NEED ENTRIES!! - Palest Black || Uchiuuga
View:Recent Entries.