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Palest Black || Uchiuuga

. : the bonds of blood : .

Uchiha Clan x Hyuuga Clan
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Welcome to Uchiuuga, a fan community dedicated to the general pairings between the Uchiha and the Hyuuga from the anime/manga series, Naruto. This community is open to threesomes, yaoi, het, yuri, gen, and incest.

Enjoy your stay.

[12] the uchiha clan

* Uchiha Fugaku
* Uchiha Inabi
* Uchiha Itachi
* Uchiha Madara
* Uchiha Mikoto
* Uchiha Obito
* Uchiha Sasuke
* Uchiha Shisui
* Uchiha Tekka
* Uchiha Teyaki
* Uchiha Uruchi
* Uchiha Yashiro

[5] the hyuuga clan

* Hyuuga Hanabi
* Hyuuga Hiashi
* Hyuga Hinata
* Hyuuga Hizashi
* Hyuuga Neji

» This is a fan community dedicated to the respective Uchiha and the Hyuuga clans. Anyone who is interested in possible relationships (whether platonic love, or romantic) between any of the known characters of both the Uchiha clan and the Hyuuga clan are welcome to join and post fanworks, and/or discussion for the pairing. (E.g. Itachi/Neji, Sasuke/Hinata, Mikoto/Hiashi, etc).

Please note that this community was not only dedicated for the possible pairings/relationships between any of the members of the Hyuuga clan and Uchiha clan. If you merely like any of the canon Hyuuga and/or Uchiha characters, the clans specifically, and simply wish to discuss or theorize of this, you are as welcome to join as any 'shipper is.

These rules are fairly standard, and quite easy to follow. Label any serious spoilers and place behind an lj-cut. Put warnings on anything that is not work safe or with a rating beyond PG-13. Generally, anything you think is hentai-ish or erotic should be given a prior warning. Otherwise, all ratings are accepted here, and all pairings are accepted as long as they include any romantic or platonic relationship between an Uchiha and Hyuuga. If threesomes float your boat, then go right ahead and post them up here.

* Strictly no flaming is permitted at all. It will not be tolerated. Not for a Uchiha x Hyuuga pairing, a LJ user, the mods, or the community itself. This community cannot promise to be G-rated all the time, and if there is a fanwork posted here that is not your cup of tea -- it should be clear not to read/look or review/comment on it. (I.e no one wants to hear it.)

* Het, yaoi, yuri, incest are all fine here. Shota-con and loli-con are fine as well. It is the viewer's own discretion to look at anything that has been marked clearly with the appropriate warnings/labels.

* Ratings from G to NC-17 are okay. As long as you label them with the appropriate ratings, and additionally warn viewers if the fanwork material is clearly higher than the standard G-PG rating.

* This community is made for the known characters of the respective Uchiha and Hyuuga. That is, any member that has been featured at least once in the anime or manga with a name, personality, etc.
Note: However, because of the clear shortage of canon-featured Uchiha and Hyuuga members, OCs are still (of course) allowed to be featured in fanworks--as long as the Uchiha or Hyuuga OCs are not the central characters or pairings. (Meaning: it would still be favourable to have this community be generally canon-based.)

To sum it up, as long as your principal focus is on either the Uchiha or Hyuuga, and/or if you support a romantic relationship between any of the members; you can join here any time you want.

* Note: Direct Hyuugacest and Uchihacest fanworks are not accepted or encouraged here. This is a community dedicated to the possible relationships between a fellow Uchiha and Hyuuga member. If you prefer Hyuugacest, please go to its community, hyugacest. Similarly, if you prefer Uchihacest, go visit uchihacest or churchofuchiha. And/Or if you prefer Naruto incest in general, simply head over to inter_clan.

As a final note, if you wish to pimp your community here or affiliate it with this community, contact the mod to work it out.


* neji_fans
Dedicated to the character, Hyuuga Neji for fans.

* sunnyday_love
Dedicated to Hyuuga Hinata, and to all her conventional/unconventional pairings.

* tensasutema
Dedicated to the following pairings: Sasuke/Tenten, Sasuke/Temari, Tenten/Temari, or for the threesome altogether.

* uchihaprodigy
Dedicated to the character, Uchiha Itachi.