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Title:  Power Plays Author:  des_butterfly Genre: … - Palest Black || Uchiuuga
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Time:04:07 pm
Title:  Power Plays
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  smut, yaoi
Pairing:  NejiSasu
Rating:  M
Summary:  Sasuke's been disobeying his superiors again and it's Neji's turn to discipline him.


Neji knew he was going to get jumped as soon he walked through the door.  He didn’t even try to prevent it.  He let Sasuke slam him back against the wall, a hand tightly knotting into the hair at the base of his neck while a forearm pressed dangerously against his throat and a knee was shoved up and into his gut.

Neji watched the red, narrowed eyes focus angrily on his mouth and heard the soft hiss of air between Sasuke’s teeth, which meant that Sasuke was way beyond pissed and more than a little dangerous right now.  He narrowed his own eyes, not bothering to activate the byakugan in return.

“Problem, Uchiha?” he said, making his voice flat and uninterested.  The elbow dug tighter into the hollow of his throat and Neji resisted the urge to cough.

“Why am I on probation again?” Sasuke demanded.

Neji gave him a pointed look.  “Because you don’t respect authority and can’t be trusted to take orders.  Shikamaru said you went out with his Anbu team last week and didn’t listen to a word he said.”

“I’d listen if he had anything intelligent to say.”

“Shikamaru always says something intelligent,” Neji pointed out, calmly.  “That’s why he’s the youngest Anbu Captain since Uchiha Itachi.”  Sasuke’s grip on Neji’s hair tightened at the mention of his older brother and Neji winced, arching his neck back.

“You don’t have any control,” he said, gripping Sasuke’s wrist and twisting just enough to make the other man falter back.  “And no one trusts you.”

This time it was Sasuke’s turn to wince.  The sharingan flickered and Neji pressed further, spotting a weak point.  He leaned into Sasuke, letting his arm dangle close to the other’s waist and let his fingers loosen around the Uchiha’s wrist.  Confused by the sudden change of tactics, Sasuke backed up even more.

“You know what Uchiha,” Neji whispered, tilting his head.  “Trying to kill your commander isn’t helping your image at all.”

Sasuke scowled and darted to the side just in time to dodge the strike Neji had aimed for his ribs, releasing the Hyuuga entirely.  He watched Neji warily for more movement, but the other only straightened his clothes fastidiously and tucked a strand of dark hair behind his ear.

The sharingan deactivated completely.  Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest and turned away from Neji, shoulders hunched defensively.  “I complete my missions perfectly,” the Uchiha muttered and the corners of Neji’s mouth almost turned up at the sulky tone in Sasuke’s voice.

“You almost got the rest of the team killed by going off on your own,” Neji pointed out.  “That isn’t the kind of attitude the Hokage wants to see from you.  Not even Naruto gets away with that kind of crap anymore.”

“The dobe is too loud for Anbu anyway.  And you need me out there.  I’m the most powerful weapon you have.”

“A weapon that cuts its own handler isn’t much of a weapon, Sasuke.”

Sasuke’s hand curled into fists and he spoke through clenched teeth.  “Understood.  When can I get back to work?”

Neji shook his head and unzipped his vest, walking past the other man to hang it on the hook next to the weapons rack.  Two braces of kunai and his wrist guards soon followed and Sasuke watched him strip off his weapons impatiently.  When he was down to just the inner layers of his uniform, Neji faced Sasuke again, a flicker of scorn in his eyes.

“You are on probation until either Shikamaru or myself is satisfied that you can be trusted to take orders,” he said.

Sasuke’s hands were fisting in Neji’s shirt again, but this time the Hyuuga didn’t take it passively—he settled a hand at Sasuke’s waist and turned them so that this time it was the younger man against the wall.  Still, he wasn’t giving in.

“How am I supposed to prove myself if you won’t let me take missions?” Sasuke hissed, shaking Neji by the collar. 

He was about to ask again when Neji moved, quicker than the normal eye could detect, spinning Sasuke around so that his cheek pressed harshly against the wall, arms twisted behind him and held fast in Neji’s grip, a thigh pressing insistently against the cleft of Sasuke’s ass, rubbing there.

Sasuke squirmed as Neji’s breath seared across his neck and those low tones vibrated in his ear.

“Show me how well you can take orders,” the Hyuuga murmured, lowering his mouth to Sasuke’s nape and biting down—hard.

Neji smirked a little at the strangled moan that released from Sasuke’s mouth and bit again, wondering what his first demand should be.  He liked hearing Sasuke cry out (especially when the Uchiha was trying to hold it back but couldn’t quite manage) but he also liked the slide of a hot mouth on his cock.

As he stripped Sasuke of his clothing and trailed his fingertips across the creamy skin of Sasuke’s back, Neji decided he’d have both, since the rare opportunity had been granted to him.  From the way Sasuke was arching into his touch, despite the glares he was receiving, Neji thought he wouldn’t have too many objections—or at least, none that couldn’t be dissuaded with a calculated rotation of the hips.  But first…

“Say my name.”




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Title:  Power Plays Author:  des_butterfly Genre: … - Palest Black || Uchiuuga
View:Recent Entries.